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Mavex Mavex Active Carbon Foot Cream 100ml

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Cream with a deodorant, purifying and refreshing effect. Prevents the formation unpleasant odours and neutralises the substances causing them. Formulated with a synergistic phyto complex of plant extracts and essential oils from medicinal plants, it controls excessive microbial proliferation while respecting the natural physiological action of the sweat glands and the resident bacterial flora.

A pool of natural enzymatic switches, represented by a derivative of citric acid and the antioxidant properties of Rosemary and Vitamin E essential oils, preventing the bacterial formation of foul-smelling substances, through esterase and oxidase enzymatic inactivation.

Activated Vegetal Carbon and Zinc Ricinoleate neutralise the substances that cause unpleasant odours by trapping them and preventing their evaporation.

Orange and Lime essential oils, together with Menthol, have a refreshing and toning effect.

How to Use

Apply to the dorsal surface and the sole of the foot, morning and evening, massaging until completely absorbed; complete the application by massaging the residual product onto the nails and between the toes.

With a pleasant refreshing and toning effect, Active Carbon Foot Cream prevents the formation of unpleasant odours and neutralisesthe substances causing them, without impeding normal foot perspiration.

Guarantees good foot hygiene and prevents the onset of maceration processes. Active Carbon Foot Cream is a cosmetic product consisting of98% natural ingredients and does not contain artificial fragrances. Its pleasant scent comes exclusively from plant extracts and essential oils.

It absorbs quickly, does not leave residues and optimally moisturises skin.

To increase its phyto therapeutic power, Active Carbon Foot Cream uses a biomimetic lamellar emulsion, a pharmaceutical technology used for the release of therapeutic substances that allows the active ingredients contained in the plant extracts to be delivered gradually and continuously, thereby increasing their functional effectiveness


Phytotherapeutic formula

•Made from herbs and medicinal plants

•High concentration of plant active ingredients

•With Activated Vegetal Carbon

•Highly effective

•Biomimetical Lamellar Technology

•Light, easily absorbed texture

•Natural fragrance

•100% Made in Switzerland



•Antiperspirant substances

•Aluminium salts


•Mineral Oils and Paraffins


•Propylenic Glycol

•Formaldehyde donors



•Animal derivatives

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