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Kalentin 1 Second Adhesive Black 5ml

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Our 1 second Adhesive Black is ideal for both classic and russian volume eyelash extensions. The Adhesive dries in 1 seconds and is the perfect choice for experienced professionals alike. It lasts around 3/4 weeks.

Contains: 5ml 


INCI: Ethyl cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, CI 77266

This eyelash extension is NOT A COSMETIC PRODUCT.




To guarantee a good performance of the adhesive for a longer duration and to avoid it hardening, it is recommended to follow the guidelines below:


- The adhesive should be shaken for around 20 seconds.


- The adhesive must never be left open.


- Always ensure the adhesive is kept upright to prevent the nozzle from becoming blocked.


- The Adhesive should be kept in a humidity within 40% - 60%. Lower humidity will dry slower, and high humidity will cause the glue to dry faster and it would crystallize if the humidity is too high.


- The adhesive must be kept at a temperature between 10 degrees and 25 degrees. The adhesive is affected by temperature fluctuations.


- The adhesive must not be stored in the fridge, as the temperature is below 10 degrees and if stored in the fridge may cause condensation within the adhesive bottle which will impair the adhesive efficiency.


- The adhesive must be kept away from heat sources and sunlight.


- Store out of reach of children.




Once opened, if the adhesive is well preserved, the adhesive lasts up to 2 months.




- If swallowed, immediately rinse the mouth with water.


- If inhaled, go out in to the open air.


- If it comes into contact with the skin wash with soap and water and if it hardens use the appropriate cream or gel remover.


- Avoid the adhesive coming into contact with the eyes. If this occurs rinse the eyes with water for at least 15 minutes.


- Adhesive vapours can cause eye and skin irritation and can irritate airways.




- It is recommended to warn the client about any potential contra-indications arising from the use of the adhesive during the treatment.


- It is advisable to carry out a patch test on the client 48 hours before the treatment in order to discover any possible allergies which may affect the application of the extensions. If the client develops a reaction to the tested product, the treatment should NOT be carried out.


- The retention of the adhesive is compromised by oil based products, therefore it is advisable to avoid cleansing with these products.


- It is advisable that the client, for 24 hours after the treatment, should avoid exposure to steam such as the shower, steam room, kitchen cooking vapours and excessive perspiration.


Ethyl Cyano Acrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, CI 77266.

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